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Whale Watching

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Whale Watching Tour

Watch humpback whales in the food rich environment of Icy Strait waters. There are opportunities to witness Orcas (killer whales) that travel from outer coast, using Icy Strait as entry to inside waters.
This wildlife tour also affords a chance to view brown bears, stellar sea lions, sea otters, and other land and sea life.

Trip Highlights

Three (3) hour tour from drop off to pick up at docking facility.
Boats accommodate up to six (6) people, no big crowds here.
Three (3) boats to accommodate parties up to 18 people.
Families welcome! No age minimums (or maximums).


Our Whale Watching Adventure Tour is our premier sightseeing excursion. Hooked Adventures offers historical and wildlife information as we cruise near Hoonah, AK in Icy Strait.

Welcome to Hoonah, Alaska (Icy Strait Point). Watch humpback whales in their natural environment. The food-rich waters keep humpbacks in Alaska year-round.

Whales that do migrate come back from their warm water breeding/mating areas, some accompanied by a calf. Icy Strait is known for humpbacks, due to the abundance of small fish that enter the waters from the outer coast (herring).

This pathway also brings the different species of salmon. The waters/land (Chichagoff Island) of Icy Strait is also known for the halibut fishing and large population of brown bears.

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Begin your historical and wildlife Alaskan cruise at the Excursion Hub located at the docking facility. There will be representatives with company signage displayed. The parties are gathered, then wait as representatives get the vans to transport to Hoonah City Harbor. The drive is 1.5 miles long and here are links to videos of walk to Excursion Hub and video of harbor where boats are located.

Here’s a video of this area:

Our whale watching cruises are focused on sharing Alaska. Knowledge about the wildlife encountered: species, habits, behavior, and relationships with the local community. We also talk about living in the community and everyday life in Alaska, especially Hoonah, the village where Icy Strait Point is located.

We place a big emphasis on safety and comfort. Our boats have cabins and bathrooms. Click here to learn more about our entire fleet.

During the summer, large numbers of herring come into bay and travel through Icy Strait. This brings predators to feed. The yearly spawning of salmon also catapults the entire region into a feeding frenzy and brings all things into life.

If the opportunity arises, our cruises will help you witness humpback whales bubble-feeding and orcas traveling in pods to teach hunting skills and feed their young.

Whale Watching Booking Details

If you’re traveling on an Alaskan cruise ship, it’s incredibly easy – we’ll pick you up! Independent travelers should call ahead to arrange a meeting location. If independent travelers need help seeking places to stay, understanding the layout of town, or finding general information, feel free to call us for assistance. Space is extremely limited in the summer and advance bookings are highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

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