Shore Excursions Payment Arrangements

Our shore excursions payment arrangements can be satisfied in a variety of ways with Hooked Adventure Travel Tours. If you are unsatisfied with the arrangements below, (i.e. submitting your credit card information online) please visit PayPal (recommended) or watch the video on the left.

  • PayPal
  • Master card
  • Visa
  • Credit card
  • Cash

PayPal Option for Our Shore Excursions

PayPal is the recommended payment option because you can lock in your desired Hooked Adventure premier tour in advance. PayPal is great way to make your purchase is secure and safe. Also, you can pay directly online without submitting your personal information to anyone. On the left, you will find options for adventure packages: both Full-Day Packages and Half-Day Packages for all of our tours. All options include choices for the number of people you would like to include. Simply choose the correct chartered tour from the drop-down list first, then click the “buy now” button. You do not need a PayPal account to use this option. You will be instructed to enter your billing information and to add an optional note. Please include a message so that we may insure payment integrity. You will receive an electronic invoice from PayPal.

Credit Card Options for Shore Excursions

Credit cards are another great way to secure your chartered tour with Hooked Adventures. You may call us and arrange a transaction over the phone. Our shore excursions payment options do not accept credit card information through email or United States (US) mail. Once your transaction is processed, you have the option to receive an invoice: over the phone, via email, or hard copy through US mail.



Despite popular myth, cash is actually preferred for Hooked Adventures! Please contact us about arrangements. For cash transactions, our shore excursions tour operators reserve the right charge a premium price if you decide to cancel your Alaskan adventure trips.

Our policy is 30 days or more prior to departure of cancellation for full refund.