Time to get a jet ski in Alaska 

Black Sands

Wow! Winter is over and spring is here. I really like the winter when I am diving in warm waters and playing on the beach. It has been a long time since I have strapped on a snowboard and hit the mountains. Guess I try to stay in the water and Alaska is a tough place to do that, when the ocean is so cold.

So excited to get back to Alaska to get the boats ready and see the wildlife. Look around to see if anything has changed on the local shores. The beaches are always interesting to cruise, so many things change over the course of the winter. Storms bring change to the make up of the land…fun to go beach combing to see whats washed up onshore.

The Go Pro cameras came in and I am looking forward to trying capture the excitement of cruising these waters to life. The cameras will be good medium to try and convey the fun of riding a jet ski in Alaska. With the loss of the right to fish for halibut (personal fishing), I will be riding more and fishing less. Always loved fishing for halibut with my friends gonna miss that.

New Exploring with a Jet Ski

Whenever I am with someone either as a client or a new friend….sharing their first experience in Alaska has been rewarding. Living in Alaska most of my life, really easy to take my surroundings for granted. When you go out with someone new to the area…it’s a refresher in gratitude that I grew up here.

Jet ski here! Ketchikan isn’t the place you would think of to ride. With the cold water and rain not to many folks come out to play in the water. What a waste of the perfect place to ride a jet ski. All over Alaska is good to ride. Southeast in particular is a great place to run a jet ski. The inland waterways are protected from bad seas and if you do get caught out, there are lots of good places to hole up until the weather calms. Islands, inlets, channels, bays, coves, just to much to list as far as places to enjoy if the water is to rough. You can take your jet ski to a calm inlet or ride out toward a strait for some wave riding. Endless conditions with endless terrain.

Jet Ski Cycling

I always thought of riding a jet ski , like riding a motorcycle. The best riding is out in the wild where there are no paved roads and the feeling of exploration in every turn. The sit down jet ski is very much like a touring motorcycle. You can even have a stereo put in for your machine. The leathers are replaced with a drysuit, neoprene boots, and neoprene gloves. You can still wear a helmet, but a life jacket is your real safety gear. I owned a motorcycle and the water is much more forgiving than pavement. Can’t wait to ride a jet ski, it has been too long!