Alaskan National ParksAlaskan National ParksAlaskan National Parks

When most people of think about parks in Alaska, they think about the Tongass National Park or visions of Denali Park with the snow capped peak of Mt. McKinly. You can cruise around on various modes of transportation on land and look for wildlife out the window. A nice comfortable bus to enjoy the many scenic stops with local characters along the way. Winding around the Alaskan National Parks is a great way to experience the vastness of Alaska. “Under populated” is a term I heard last summer on my boat out fishing. You look around when you are up in the interior and you can understand why.

The ocean isn’t as well known when you think about Alaskan National Parks. There are rivers to raft and lakes to fly fish ” puddles” everywhere. A lot of visitors don’t think about how much water there is here, especially in southeast Alaska. Inland waterways with so many islands. The Alexander Archipelago is infused with small and large “roads” of water, saltwater highways. Miles of coastline with hidden villages long abandoned, ship paraphernalia  from old and new boats, wildlife habitat that rarely gets seen.

WildLife in Alaskan National Parks

The Tongass National Park covers southeast Alaska and yes, lots of it is water! Being a boater and growing up in Juneau, I’ve had the opportunity to cruise the waterways. I even did a trip from Hoonah to Juneau a few years ago on my 22″ boat, the Lady Vagabond. Talk about covering some serious waterways and the time I left, I was alone most of the way. Twelve hours, 6pm to 6am, made me appreciate the beauty of Alaska even more. When you travel on the road, there is a sense of security having firm ground under you. The trips long or short on water is a different experience all together. The wildlife you may encounter literally can come up underneath you. Countless humpbacks that travel here to feed and when the salmon come….wow! Orca City!

Soon I’ll be back enjoying Alaskan National Parks!

Looking forward to getting back on the water. Here on the mainland….in the desert. So excited to tear it up on the water. Go cruise and enjoy the outdoors on the ocean. I’ll do that trip to Misty Fjord that I’ve wanted to do for so long. I’ve been there on a large catamaran, it’s not the same as being there on something small, yeah it’s gonna be fast too! Alaskan National Parks, stay under populated.