Diving for Lobster

I am hooked on lobster hunting here on St. Thomas. Diving here has been pretty good in itself checking out the various fish. There is something primitive about grabbing your dinner with just your hands. Coming from Alaska and growing up fishing has ingrained the hunter mentality in me already. Hunting for deer and butchering the animal for future meals has given appreciation for the animals giving me life. I have to admit that there is a thrill to capturing these ” bugs” rather than buying it at the local store.

Lots of Fun Diving

Diving has grown to be a meditative sport for me. The control in breathing reminds me the techniques they use in relaxing one’s mind. Granted it didn’t start that way. I think when most people go diving, you get the thrill in being able to be somewhere that your body shouldn’t be. Meaning that we aren’t built to breathe underwater and being able to explore in that environment is pretty exciting. As we slow down to see everything swimming and living in this new world we enter the relaxed state. You see more by stopping and slowing down wether it’s on land or underwater. The wildlife hiding in holes and or camouflaged in the sand is easily passed by if you go to fast. I watch other divers that seem to use less air and experience more life under the water, they look so relaxed. Diving in a slow moving trance.