Ocean Wildlife Friends

Finally put something together. I miss Thailand, the people, diving and definitely the food. The short little video is some of the ocean wildlife that I have encountered in P.P.

Watching Ocean Wildlife on the Surface

This next summer will be an exciting experience with new video toys and  new watercraft. The long awaited cruise to Misty Fjord on small craft is an idea that has taken years to come to fruit. There is a humbling effect every time I enter  the ocean. The smallness…… that small drop of water entering the vastness of the sea.

Ocean Wildlife Safari

I started really looking at wildlife when I worked as a deckhand for Allen Marine. It was so eye opening to see the humpbacks in my own “backyard” . I had no clue that this was out there, every year! Cruising around looking for whales and any other marine or land wildlife. It was always the whales that caught my attention. Either the humpbacks or the Orca’s. They all had different behavior and if you watched enough, you could see differences. The sea conditions could also be exciting, Guess that’s why I was never interested in anything to big to drive. I like the movement of the seas and the only way to really appreciate it was with smaller craft. Here is a shot of walrus I found up north.

Ocean Wildlife